Office Information

Director: Deb Harrison 

Secretary: Leanne Lucero 480.472.6008

Fax: 480.472.6090

Supervisor/Lead Information

East Area: Tim Daugherty 480.472.6093

Central Area: Sandy Sillero 480.472.6094

West Area: Don Albo 480.472.6092

Training: David Saenz 480.472.2689

Facilities Support: Dick Miller 480.472.1195

Floor Crew Lead:  Temp Susun Fredenburg 480.472.6095

Fax (Supervisors): 480.472.6130

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Central Area Sites

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Meet Our New Director - Deb Harrison!

Custodial Director, Deb Harrison

Deb started with the district in 2008 as a bus driver. She transitioned over to Custodial in 2009 and worked her way up to being the CSM at Mesa High in 2014. She has been the East Area Custodial Supervisor since 2017. Congratulations on your new appointment, Deb!!!


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