School Counselors
Elementary, Junior High, and High School

Mesa employs School Counselors at the pre-K through high school level. Currently, Mesa has over 150 counselors across our 84 schools.

Mesa is proudly an American School Counselor Association (ASCA) national model district. ASCA believes school counseling is an integral component of student success.  An effective school counseling program helps school counselors ensure that all students have access to a developmental curriculum for academic achievement, career development and social/emotional well-being that will lead to improved student outcomes for college and career readiness.

School counselors help all students:

  1. Apply academic achievement strategies.
  2. Manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills.
  3. Plan for post-secondary options (higher education, military, work force).

School Counselor Qualifications

All School Counselors hold, at minimum, a master’s degree in school counseling or related degree, meet the state certification/licensure standards, fulfill continuing education requirements, and uphold ASCA ethical and professional standards.

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