SEL Resources

Five Core Competencies of SEL


SEL Check-In Resources

Words of Caution About Regular Check-Ins

SEL check-ins are great, but they can come with their complications as well. Think through your procedures and make sure you are prepared for what you are going to do if a student is not well:

  • Be ready to refer students in need of extra support to their school counselor or social worker. 
  • Never put off an immediate concern until later. If there is an immediate crisis or serious concern that is disclosed, notify your administrator ASAP.

Tier 1- Universal (Core) Supports

Tier 2- Targeted Supports

  • Differentiate instruction to meet various needs of students and honor individual student strengths.
  • Group students together who need to work on similar skills or work through similar challenges. Topics might include:

o   Displaying Tenacity

o   Setbacks to Success

o   Peer Comparison Reflection

o   Effective Collaboration

o   Helping Trios

o   Conflict Management

o   Mediating Conflict

o   Effective Language


  • Work with the school counselor to set up small group counseling sessions.
  • Create mentor-based supports (pairing students with a more knowledgeable other who can help).
  • Create self-monitoring opportunities such as:

o   Interpreting the Task

o   Project Planning

o   Backwards Mapping

o   Managing Your Memory

o   Managing Stress and Anxiety

o   My Test Performance Journal

o   Student-Led Conference

o   Class Pass or Calming Corner 

Tier 3- Intensive Supports

  • Work one-on-one with individual students who are struggling to overcome difficult challenges.
  • Work with a school counselor or social worker to plan individual student meetings/sessions or to refer a student to outside support services.
  • Engage families in a conversation about SEL and learning strategies.