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#cash4college and #strive455 represents a district initiative regarding FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The overall goal is to help our community learn more about why the FAFSA is important and how to complete it. We hope to raise awareness, so that our students can succeed in their life goals. FAFSA is critical in helping students obtain funding for college. Every student who plans to attend tuition-based institutions after high school should file a FAFSA during their senior year.

Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, Mesa implemented a peer-coach model that supplemented the amazing work that was already being completed by our counselors and career center personnel. 

In 2019, Mesa was recognized by NCAN (National College Attainment Network) for their success with their FAFSA initiative, specifically the success with the peer coach model. Over the two years of this initiative, FAFSA completion percentages as a district have risen from 38% to 50%.

This year, in 2020, we are continuing our goal and striving to get to 55% FAFSA completion. Mesa will continue sponsoring a year-long #cash4college and #strive455 drive to encourage high school seniors and their families to learn more about and successfully complete FAFSAs. 

To encourage this effort, a schoolwide competition will be in place to encourage FAFSA-related efforts on our six high school campuses. Talk to your school’s counselors, peer coach advisors, and peer coaches for more details.

For more on resources to support students with college planning, please explore the resources available on this page and visit our "Prepare to Succeed" page. 

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