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Tier 3 Student Supports are comprised of individual supports to meet the very specific academic and social-emotional needs of some students. These resources are individualized based on specific student needs. 


Homebound/Hospitalized instruction is for students who are physically unable to attend school for a period of not less than three (3) school months. A student shall receive homebound instruction if capable of profiting from academic instruction but is unable to attend school regularly due to chronic or acute health problems. 

Foster Care Resources

This resource provides information on a variety of community supports for foster care training and licensing, family support, and support for foster care youth. 

CARE Teams

Our CARE (Crisis And Response Evaluation) teams prevent and respond to threats, risks, and crises on our school campuses. CARE Team members are specifically trained to follow strict protocols to provide care to our community in a time of need.

Suicide Prevention

Did you know?

We have a crisis counselor who is highly trained in supporting students and staff during or after a crisis. For more information, please contact Dino Recla. 

K-8 Social Workers

Social Workers for selected K-8 Schools. Click the button to find out more!

Social Workers

Each high school has one full time social worker to meet the individual needs of students. K-8 Schools have access to Everybody Matters social worker interns, who are highly trained to run 8 week programs to meet the individual social and emotional needs of students.