Homebound Definition

“Homebound” or “hospitalized” means a student who is capable of profiting from academic instruction but is unable to attend school due to illness, disease, accident, pregnancy or handicapped conditions, who has been examined by a competent medical doctor and is certified by the doctor as being unable to attend regular classes for a period of not less than three school months (ARS 15-761 (4) (3) as amended, 1984).

The purpose of homebound service/instruction is to maintain continuity in the educational process for those students who, because of an extended illness or condition, cannot attend school.  Mesa Public Schools shall provide instruction, as appropriate, for students confined to home upon the request of parents and with the appropriate forms completed by a licensed medical physician.

Homebound instruction is intended to provide short-term instruction and should not replace or duplicate school-based instruction.  Therefore, the school team should prioritize and limit the subject areas to be taught by the homebound teacher.  Homebound instruction, although correlated with what the student is missing in the classroom, shall be geared to the student’s needs and what the student is capable of doing during the period away from school.  Our goal is to return students to the school setting as soon as possible. Students are exited from Homebound at the end of each school year.  If homebound instruction needs to continue the following year, new paperwork must be completed and eligibility determined. 

Application Process

Please contact the home school of the applicant. A school official must submit the application for Homebound Instruction to the district office for review. If a school official is not listed, the school official must first complete the required Homebound training. Applications are reviewed as soon as possible after they are submitted.

Follow these steps:

  1. The school official submitting the Homebound Application must first make sure the student meets all of the Homebound Instruction criteria.
  2. If the Homebound Criteria checklist determines that Homebound Instruction is appropriate, then the school official will provide the family with the Physician Letter and  Attestation.
  3. After the family returns the signed Physician Attestation, the school official will submit the application via the provided Google form. If the student has an IEP, the IEP team will need to ensure Homebound instruction is appropriate for the student prior to submitting the application.
  4. Applications will be reviewed weekly by the Homebound district team.
Homebound is ...
  • Designed so that the student does not fall significantly behind during the period of confinement
  • Interactive; the student is expected to participate in the instructional process and complete assignments
  • Expected to include homework
  • Intended to make every effort to ensure  academic progress
  • Intended to provide priority to core academic subjects
Homebound is not ...
  • Intended to supplant school services
  • Expected to have all work completed in the presence of the homebound teacher
  • A substitute for course credit that must be earned according to class requirements
  • A guarantee that specialty classes (i.e., requiring labs, special facilities or equipment) will be comparable
  • Automatically inclusive of elective courses
  • A guarantee of on-time graduation; all diploma requirements must be met for graduation
Physician Release Form

Use this to formally release students from Homebound.

Homebound Instruction Training

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Homebound Application must view this first.

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