Information and Guidelines

The districtwide student handbook summarizes programs, policies and services parents need to help their children succeed.

It also provides behavior expectations and the consequences of misbehavior for students during the school day and while participating in school-related activities.

Related policies, programs, services

Links to policies and regulations, programs and services featured in the Information and Guidelines student handbook are published here for your convenience.

BusesTransportation website | Policy JFCC | Regulation JFCC-R     

CafeteriaFood and Nutrition website | Policy JL | Regulation JL-R | Free and reduced-price meal applications | MySchoolBucks | Dietary Guidelines for Americans 

Computer and Internet UsePolicy JFCH | JFCH-R(1) | JFCH-R(2) | JFCH-R(3)  

Custody and VisitationPolicy JH | Regulation JH-R   

Dress and GroomingPolicy JFCA | Regulation JFCA-R  

Equal Educational OpportunitiesPolicy JB 

ExpulsionPolicy JGD 

Fees for StudentsFee schedules 

Food Safety, Sanitation and SecurityRegulation JL-R  

Gang ActivityPolicy JFCE  

Harassment, Bullying and HazingPolicy JFD | Regulation JFD-RPolicy JFCM  

Illness and DiseaseHealth Services website 

Medication and Dietary SupplementsPolicy JHCD | Regulation JHCD-R

ImmunizationsHealth Services website 

InsuranceOptional coverage

Open EnrollmentInformation and application  

Opt Out FormFor directory information, Internet and G Suite, media coverage and military recruiting

Parental Involvement and Volunteer OpportunitiesPolicy GEA | Regulation GEA-RPolicy KBAA    

Student Speech and ExpressionPolicy JFH | Regulation JFH-R(1) | Regulation JFH-R(2)  

SuspensionPolicy JGD   

Visitors: Policy KK | Regulation KK-R

WellnessPolicy JL | Regulation JL-R