The office is currently closed for summer break and will reopen Monday, July 11. School begins Thursday, August 4. For your convenience, you may enroll your child online and complete re-enrollment for returning students at any time at or for assistance contact the office beginning July 11. | La oficina se encuentra cerrada por las vacaciones de verano y reabrirá el lunes 11 de julio. El primer día de clases es el jueves 4 de agosto. Puede inscribir a sus hijos en línea o completar la reinscripción para estudiantes que regresan en cualquier momento en o para asistencia contacte a la oficina a partir del 11 de julio.

School Attendance

(480) 472-9795

 It is our intent at Patterson to help your child succeed academically.  Excessive absences may result in poor academic achievement, lower class grades, and possible retention.

Arizona Law (ARSB 15-803) states that "Individuals who have custody of a student between the ages of six (6) and sixteen (16) years shall send the student to a public school for the full time that school is in session or file an affidavit of intent with the County School Superintendent stating the student is attending a regularly organized private school or home school"



Absences: What do I need to do if my child is ill or otherwise cannot attend school?

Call the Patterson Attendance line at 480-472-9795 (this number is available 24-hours daily), and report the absence by leaving a voicemail with the following details:  Child’s name, Teacher’s name,  Room number, and Reason for absence.

Excused Absences: An absence is considered excused any time a parent calls the school with a reason for a student's absence which the Principal determines is justifiable. Please excuse students  by phone call or signed note within 24 hours of the day the child returns to school. 

Unexcused Absences: An absence is considered unexcused if there is no contact whatsoever from the parent regarding the absence.  

Chronic Illness:  For students with chronic illness, forms to be completed by his/her physician can be picked up in our health office.

Excessive Absences:  Our school administrative regulations require us to send attendance information to all parents whose children miss more than 5 days.  Subsequent letters will be sent when children miss 10 and 15 days.

  • Arizona State Law requires students attend 90% of the total days school is in session. 
  • Mesa Schools are in session 180 days each school year which means students must attend at least 162 days of school. 
  • The truancy officer assigned to our school will be contacted after a total of 16 days of absences. (Both excused and unexcused.)



Tardy Policy:  Students not in their seats by the 8:25 bell need to report to the front office to get a "Tardy Pass" allowing them into class.  Students will not be allowed to enter a class without the pass.

Students late due to a medical appointment are asked to provide the front office with documentation from the doctor/dentist.  Most doctors/dentists have such documentation readily available and are glad to provide it to you. 

Consequences for tardies:  (per 9 week period as approved by SIAC) 

  • Every 5th tardy ---  the student will spend their lunch recess in office
  • If tardiness are excessive, the parent will be contacted by the school counselor and/or principal.