Parent Involvement  


 Title 1/SIAC Committee


In Title I, active parents play a vital role. Title 1/SIAC meetings are scheduled at each school throughout the year to share information that enables parents to help their children improve reading and math skills. Parents, teachers and schools work together to design and implement a program to meet the educational needs of each child.
Mesa Unified School District Title I supports parent involvement because-
• Involved parents motivate children
• Parents can support learning in the home
• Early skills acquired at home provide the foundation of learning
• Parents help increase public understanding and support for school programs
• Children develop positive attitudes about learning with involved, understanding and supportive parents


The Title 1 Committee reviews the goals set for improving student achievement based on data. We will also review and decide how Title 1 funds should be spent. SIAC is the School Improvement Advisory Council where members advise the principal on school issues. We feel that the goals of these committees are closely aligned, therefore we have made them into one committee. (The combination of these two committees also allows more parents to be involved since the time commitment is more manageable.) This year the Title 1/SIAC committee will be reviewing and editing the Parent/Student/Teacher compact as well as the Parental Involvement Policy.  


For more information on becoming involved in school events and activities please contact Patterson's Office.