Patterson's Title 1 Program

The Title 1 program at Patterson is school-wide. This means that all students are eligible to receive academic support that is funded by Title 1 funds. 

How are these funds used at Patterson?

The majority of the funds that Patterson receives from Title 1 are used to pay for instructional assistants that are used across all grade levels. Our team of instructional assistants visit each grade level for 30-45 minutes daily. They provide additional instructional support in the classroom according to each teacher's plans. Additional funds are used to purchase additional materials and resources, including technology and manipulatives, to be used in the classroom. 


Where does the money come from?

The U. S. Department of Education funds Title I, and it is administered through the Arizona State Department of Education. There are accompanying rules and guidelines which we must follow. Monitors from either or both agencies visit us to ensure that guidelines are being met.


How are students identified?

Since Patterson's program is school-wide, all students are eligible to receive support from our Title 1 funds. Students are identified by their classroom teacher as needing additional academic support. Since our Instructional Assistants go to the classrooms daily, the identified students receive support in the classroom, under the supervision of the classroom teacher. Students will be identified and will receive support according to their needs. This means that, depending on the topic being taught, they may or may not receive additional support.