iVisions Employee Web Portal

The Mesa Public Schools Employee Self Service Portal allows you access to your personal information including pay stubs, W-2’s, demographic information, emergency contact information, and other employee documents including the Statement of Awareness, Contracts, transcripts, etc. You can also request time off (salaried staff) and make changes to your tax withholding.

Active Directory

Not sure what your Active Directory information is? Need assistance?

From a District computer:

  • Contact the Information Systems Help Desk at 480-472-0044 to find out what your Active Directory information is. You will be given instructions on how to activate your Active Directory information.

From any computer:
  • Once you've registered from a district computer you will be able to access the iVisions portal from your personal computer.

REMEMBER: Active Directory passwords MUST be updated at least once every 90 days! Payroll does NOT have your password on file. Please see the link for Password Reset Help if you are having trouble logging in or your password has expired.


Registration Process

The first time to the Employee Self Service Portal you will select Login in the upper right corner of the screen.

Enter your Active Directory Credentials. (If you don't know your Active Directory information please see the information to the left.)

You will then be asked to “Register” by inputting the following:

1.    Last four digits of your Social Security Number

2.    Home Zip Code

3.    Date of birth.

*Please note these must match what is on file with the district Human Resources office or you will not be able to register.

“Link” your account

*From this point forward, you will log directly into the portal by entering your Active Directory credentials only.