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Paycheck Info

Who Is My Pay Specialist?

Getting To Know Your W-2 Form

Understanding Your W-2 Form

Method of Pay Distribution Calculator 

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Paycheck Calculator (supplied by

You can also find a paycheck calculator within the iVisions Employee Portal. Look to the bottom left-hand corner of your paycheck stub and you will find the calculator there.

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Certified Hourly 

Certified Hourly Clock Instructions  

Certified Hourly Entry Due Dates  (2020-2021) 

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Calendars & Schedules

Employee Pay Schedule   (2020-2021) 

Employee Pay Schedule   (2021-2022)

Employee Accrual Calendar  (2020-2021)  

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Alternative Schedule (9/80's)

Monday (2020-2021)

Friday (2020-2021)


Short-Term Holidays:

Friday  (2020-2021)

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