Pomeroy Elementary Montessori
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Young child using Montessori math materials to learn numbers

Why Choose Montessori at Pomeroy?


  • Free K-6 Montessori education in a public school setting
  • Tuition-based preschool for potty-trained 3 and 4 year old students
  • Experienced, well-credentialed teachers
  • Low student-to-teacher ratio
  • Carefully designed classrooms encourage freedom (within limits)
  • Hands-on curriculum materials meet Montessori standards
  • Mesa Public Schools goals and Arizona Academic Standards integrated at all levels


Young girl with brown hair, pigtail braids, and a floral dress sits on a dark carpet with a light rug, laying out a Montessori grammar work

Montessori - A Day in a Student's Life

What Makes Montessori Different?

Multi-Age Classrooms

  • 3 year cycle allows students, families, and teachers to form long-term relationships that are highly beneficial to student progress
  • Encourages peer mentoring and creates more natural social situations
  • Reduces academic competition as students are all working at different levels

Blonde girl child uses Montessori Math materials on the wood floor of a classroom

Student Daily Experience

  • Work plans designed to provide well-rounded academic experience across all subject areas
  • Environment allows students to move ahead of grade level standards when/if ready
  • Achievement based on skill mastery rather than time spent, allowing students to individualize daily work based on needs
  • Emphasis on independent work throughout day to foster responsibility and time management skills

Group of students with writing utensils are working collaboratively on a large piece of yellow butcher paper

Method and Materials

  • Create an environment that encourages deeper exploration and real-world application of concepts and skills
  • Concepts progress from concrete to abstract using hands-on manipulatives
  • Lessons given in small groups, with work completed individually or collaboratively depending on need



Young girl in pink shirt using a pencil and Montessori materials