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Closeup cropped image of a Montessori math work, showing a large brown pegboard, red, blue, and green cups, and a student's hands putting beaded pegs into the holes on the board to represent a multiplication problem. There is also an open wooden box with 4 smaller departments containing the peg beads and one larger comparment containing paper and blue, red, and green pencils. The work is on an off-white rug, which is one grey and blue speckled carpet. The student is wearing a black watch and navy blue shorts with white stitching.

Elementary Montessori Classrooms
Upper Elementary (4th-6th Grade)

Students in Pomeroy's upper elementary classrooms spend 3 years preparing for junior high by transitioning to abstract thinking and application in mathematics, reading, and writing fluency in language. Students also expand their understanding of specific disciplines in social studies and science. A strong focus is placed on student organization of time and work, with an emphasis on self-management and independence.


Two students, one wearing a black and maroon striped shirt with a navy blue long-sleeved shirt underneath, and one in a long-sleeved baseball tee with black sleeves and a blue body are both wearing safety goggles. They are standing around a brown faux-wood laminate covered trapezoid table doing a science experiment. The student in the baseball tee is recording observations in a notebook with a pencil. The student in the maroon and black shirt is pointing to the styrofoam tray where they have the experiment laid out. There are two rows of white circles on the edges of the tray which have sticks coming off the edges of the tray. The center of the tray has a row of brown circles, moving from dark to lighter across the tray. There is another tray on the table with 5 mini pie pans filled with white paint. There is also a spoon and a gatorade waterbottle with a green body and orange lid on the table.

  • Small class sizes with full-time aide in addition to teacher
  • Structured learning plans, allowing students to meet weekly learning goals
  • Additional special classes (P.E., band or orchestra, library/media)
  • Numerous school-sponsored activities such as Battle of the Books, spelling bee, science fair, student government, and more
  • Laptops available for each student to use in class

Upper Elementary Teaching Staff

School picture of a smiling woman with brown eyes and dark brown shoulder-length hair. She is wearing dangling earrings and a black shirt. The background is grey watercolor.

Emily Wharton, M.Ed. - Department Chair


school picture of a smiling woman with dark blonde hair and brown eyes. She has rectangle shaped dark brown glasses. She is wearing a sleeveless button up with a collar in olive green. The background is a grey watercolor.

Mary Brown, M.Ed.


School picture of a smiling woman with brown eyes and dark brown hair that is very thick and long. Her hair is half-up. She is wearing dangly earrings and a long necklace. She is wearing a high-necked tan and black herringbone print shirt with a darker grey-brown cardigan over it. The background is a grey watercolor.

Kate Kostovski