yellow pencil says 5th grade

Arizona State Standard

     Mrs. Ashley Leos
Room 30



Standard Supply List

LINED loose leaf paper (1-2 packets)
3 ring binder with 5 folders (folders should be labeled- Math, Reading, Language/Spelling, Science/Soc.Studies, and Take Home)
2 spiral notebooks (Math Log and Language Log)
Hand-held pencil sharpener that holds shavings
Pencil pouch (not box)
Glue stick
Colored pencils
Expo Markers
Water bottle with name labeled

WEEKLY COMMUNICATION Your child will be given a Weekly Assignment Calendar with a Progress Report on the back.  Please check the calendar daily to be sure that the assignments have been copied from the board.  On Friday, graded papers will be attached to the back of this form.  THIS REPORT NEEDS TO BE SIGNED AND BROUGHT BACK EACH MONDAY.  This is our way to be sure that you are aware of your child's behavior and responsibility each week.  We appreciate your participation in this weekly contact. 

HOMEWORK Homework is reinforcement or practice for a concept or skill previously learned in class.  Work done at home is usually work that students didn't get finished in class.  We usually give time in class for students to at least get started on the assignment.  The assignments are always written on the Homework Board and students are expected to copy the assignments onto their weekly calendar.  PLEASE CHECK THE ASSIGNMENT CALENDAR (noted above) AND WORK THAT IS ASSIGNED.  The assignments are due the very next day when the students enter the classroom.  If an assignment is not turned in or incomplete, the student will lose his/her recess and is asked to complete the assignment during that time.  Homework must be done in cursive, except for math assignments that are computational.  Also, we are asking students to read at least 20 minutes for AR daily (each student has their own AR point goal).

GRADING Grades are determined in the following ways:
Tests:  tests are very important.  We often make our own tests that cover exactly what we've learned.  Sometimes we use a test provided by the District or other skill-related material.
Quizzes:  After students have practiced a concept learned in class, we may give a quiz to monitor the students' progress.
Daily grades:  Grades are not taken for ALL daily work.  Students need to know that all assignments are important to reinforce skills and need to be completed on time.
Observation:  Notes are taken of daily work, homework, and work not easily graded (such as oral reading) and compile these into frequent observation grades.
Progress:  No matter what level a child is on, it is important that he/she continues to make progress.
Participation:  Students who take an active part in learning tend to do better.
Effort:  If a student is not trying, his/her grade may reflect that.