Hi! My name is Kathy Roose and I am the clerk in the office here at Porter Elementary School.  Being the clerk means that I do a little bit of everything.  One of my jobs is to answer the attendance phone line when parents call their child in absent or tardy.   

Porter Calendar

Attendance Guidelines

Pursuant to ARS 15-807: Absence From School, Notification of Parent or Person Having Custody of Pupil:

1.  In case of absence from school, the parent/guardian is required to notify the school attendance personnel in advance or at the time of the absence.

2.  At the time of registration the parent/guardian is required to furnish the school with at least one telephone number, if available, where the parent/guardian may be contacted during the school day (see student data form).  If there is a change in telephone numbers during the school year, the parent/guardian is to promptly notify the school office.

3.  In case a student is absent from school and the parent/guardian has not notified the school, school attendance personnel will make a reasonable effort to notify the parent/guardian within two hours after the first class in which the pupil is absent.