Attendance Policies and Procedures

Attendance Policies and Procedures

Absences - Excuses 

If a student is absent from school for a valid excused reason, a parent or guardian must contact the attendance clerk to excuse the absence. Absences are considered valid and excused for the following reasons only: 
-death in the immediate family
-court appearance
-medical, dental, or counseling appointment

Absences caused by missing the bus, sleeping in, babysitting, accompanying other people to appointments, etc. will not be excused. Absences can be excused by phone contact or by bringing in a signed note. Upon returning to school, students are given 48 hours to excuse all unverified absences. It is vital that all absences be verified. Excessive or unexcused absences lead to disciplinary and/or legal action.

Late Arrivals 
Students who arrive late to school MUST check in at the attendance office. Any school missed due to late arrivals can be excused only by: 
the parent/guardian calling the school prior to the student's arrival 
the student bringing a signed note 
the parent/guardian coming into the office to sign in the student

All other late arrivals will be considered unexcused.  Please Note: Arriving 11 minutes or later to a class constitutes an absence, not a tardy.

Signing out Your Student 
Parents are asked to send a note or call ahead anytime if it is necessary for a student to leave during the school day. Anytime a student leaves campus, a parent or authorized guardian must sign the student out through the attendance office. Students may sign themselves back in if returning.
Please provide the office a minimum of one hour notice before requesting that your child be taken out of class. This will greatly reduce the interruptions to our classrooms.
Please make arrangements for after school transportation with your child before they arrive at school. This will also reduce classroom interruptions.

Deliveries on Campus 
Deliveries of items such as balloons, flowers, pizza, and such are prohibited. If you need to drop an item off at school to be delivered to your child, please be aware of the following procedures: 
-Please make sure your student's item is labeled. 
-You will need to record the item in the notebook marked "Student Deliveries" in the office. 
-Students will be called over the public address system between classes only. We have two all-calls daily, one after 2nd hour and another after 5th hour.