PBIS Parent Information Center
Creating PAWS-itive Poston Panthers

What is PBIS?

In PBIS, all students receive instruction in the expectations (see Expectation Matrix) and routines in and out of the classroom, and are acknowledged for doing things “the right way.” It is an instructional approach to discipline, which is used to encourage self-management and problem-solving skills.

At Poston Junior High, our PBIS system revolves around the core values and expectations of practicing friendship, acting accountably, working ethically, and showing respect. These core values are known as PAWS expectations.

How does it work?

Poston’s PAWS expectations are supported through a variety of systems. All students are provided with comprehensive instruction on the school’s expectations throughout the year. They are then acknowledged by their teachers and school staff with PAWS tickets when they are demonstrating one of the core expectations. In collecting these tickets, the student may use them to be redeemed for a variety of incentives that can be found both inside the classroom and school wide. One of our school wide incentives are our quarterly PAWS activities. Your child may attend these activities as long as they are in good academic standing and are demonstrating PAWS-itve behavior.


These expectations are further supported by our PAWS Agenda.