Enrollment Information

Where to Find Your Most Current Information

You will need to check in GROW system regularly so you will know what your current status is regarding sessions that you are enrolled in. Just click on the Courses tab.

If you have completed a session for a stipend:

You can expect your payment approximately four to six weeks after your session has ended and the instructor has turned in the appropriate paperwork to the Professional Learning department office.

You will not be eligible to receive a stipend if:

  • The course content is not directly applicable to an educator's teaching assignment.
  • You have not enrolled online prior to the beginning of the session.
  • You are a Psychologist.
  • You are part-time hourly without a contract.
  • You do not have a certified contract.
  • You are on leave - educational, personal or medical.


There are NO walk-ins allowed at any Professional Learning sessions.

If you are on the Wait list, you are NOT registered for the session and you will NOT receive the stipend (if applicable).