New Vendor Setup

New Vendor Setup - The district's financial system, Visions, has a limited number of vendors we can maintain in our vendor files.  In an effort to only add vendors that will potentially receive a purchase order, the open form available to all vendors on the Audit Services website will be removed and vendors will not be able to submit their own information. 



                  District Staff 

                  Vendors must be set up in Visions before a purchase order can be issued. If you have a new 

                  vendor you want to work with please contact the buyer team who will process your requisition so

                  they can contact the vendor and request a W- 9. If you need assistance in finding the correct         

                  buyer  team please see the commodity listing on  the purchasing website.  The following information will need to be provided:  

    • Please send the appropriate Buyer Team a separate email for each request, with the vendor name in the subject line. This helps us with tracking multiple daily requests. 
    • In the body of the email please give us the vendor name and contact information and state the type of service/product the vendor will be providing to the District. 
    • We will contact the vendor to get what we need, and let you know when they are set up in Visions. 


The district must have a  signed and dated W-9 on file before Purchasing adds them to Visions.


                  MPS Employees - You may not do business with the District unless the purchase is made through 

                  competitive bidding. See GB Policy GBCA (page 283) for complete information. This policy defines "relative" too. 

Please click here for clarifications from MPS Legal Department in regards to employees as substitutes and when employment ends.



                 Please feel free to contact any of the buyer teams if you are interested in becoming a vendor for 

                 Mesa Public Schools. Buyer Teams are located at three different facility sites.  Our department is 

                 staffed from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday excluding school holidays and summer 



To find the buyer who manages the products which you sell, please see our buyer's commodities list and contact the buyer directly. Before being issued a purchase order each vendor is required to supply a signed and dated W-9.


All commitments of purchases by MPS will be made by an approved Purchase Order number assigned by the Purchasing Department. Products/services are not to be delivered without an approved Purchase Order. Vendors accepting orders without a purchase order number do so at their own risk.