What Do School Counselors Do?......


Throughout the year, we will provide monthly lessons on various social/emotional skills in all K-6 classrooms. Topics will include how to develop great coping strategies, manage emotions, share kindness and learn to empathize, prevent bullying and intimidation, embrace cultural appreciation, equity and justice as well as learn how to resolve conflicts effectively. Additional lessons on career exploration, team building, and character development will be covered to help students realize their future dreams in their community.



Sometimes students may be referred by teachers, parents or other staff to meet with their counselors in a small group setting. Meeting once or twice a week during lunch, same grade level students will work together to enhance their social skills, emotional management, self-control, making friends and other topics as needed.


INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING SERVICES: Students may be seen individually for crisis intervention, to discuss a concern or challenge they may be experiencing or for support with coping skills in and out of the classroom. For longer term individual counseling needs, we can help students and parents find outside community counseling referrals. Parents, please contact us as well if you have a concern that you feel the school should be aware.

For more parent and student counseling resources, please visit our Redbird staff webpages: 

Mrs. Vang 

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