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ap capstone

Student must successfully complete six (6) or more Advanced Placement courses and score 3 or better on those AP exams.

AP Seminar and AP Research are required for all AP Capstone students and count as two of their six courses.

Credit Details


  • English (4 credits)
  • Math (4 credits)

Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II & additional math class

  • Science (3 credits)

Biology, Physical Science & additional science

  • Social Studies (3 credits)

World History, American History, Government & Economics

  • Fine Art / Practical Art (1 credit)
  • Physical Education (1 credit)
  • Modern Languages (2 credits)

Two years of the same language

  • AP Capstone Courses (2 credits)

AP Seminar & AP Research

  • Elective Courses (2 credits)
College Board AP Capstone Overview