MPS Design Network
Building a community of educators and learners throughout Mesa Public Schools

Welcome to the Design Network:

The Design Network are a large group of students, teachers, administrators and support staff throughout the district working together to empower students K-12 grade.  At the heart of the network is community building, celebrating diversity and helping each other become the best versions of themselves.

CiO (Chief Innovation Officer) Initiative

Helping develop leaders on campus throughout the district by providing authentic, mentored leadership opportunities within their communities and the greater community that makes up Mesa Public Schools.  Reducing apathy and increasing efficacy by empowering students with voice, choice, and agency to make a difference. [Check it out]

Design Challenges

Open ended Design Challenges for students in classroom, clubs or extra activities.  For learners to design and build creative solutions to various scenarios, all created to support a yearly theme while allowing for many various outcomes for students to showcase in groups. [Check it out]

Design Network Communities

The Design Network is built around all stakeholders who are a member of the amazing field of education.  Through professional development opportunities, professional learning communities, and supporting classroom activities the Design Network’s goal is to de-silo communities to share in both the challenges and opportunities found in each of our unique communities in Mesa Public Schools. [Check it out]

Inquiry Ideation

Inquiry Ideation are big open questions that can start students inquiry journey, develop their own essential questions, and find the answers through investigation; all while igniting their passion for learning! Every year's big questions are centered around the Design Network's theme.[Check it out]

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