2021-2022 Design Challenges
Amazing challenges for students in the Design Network

2021-2022 Theme: Water!

Science Fiction writer Arthur C. Clark said, “How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.” A majority of the planet is covered in water!  If we dive into the sciences, social sciences and literature through the lens of water we find its influence is vast, profound and required.  From clouds in our skies, currents in the oceans, creation of grand canyons, to chemistry, industry, economics and history, water has a part to play.  This year's quest is to deepen our understanding of this molecule and its influence on life, change and energy while also creating a greater appreciations for water in our everyday life.

Image of Earth by NASA - creative commons license

Design Challenges

Cause for Climate
Guide to Dehydration
Water Poem
Water Filtration
AZ Trail Video Game
Clean the Oceans
Robotic Search for Water
Water's role in Composting