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English Department Grade Policy

Red Mountain High School

Late Work

  • The RMHS English Department expects all assignments to be turned in on time.  

  • ALL assignments will incorporate a responsibility component and a level of mastery score.

  • Students may turn in late and missing assignments in order to earn credit and have teachers evaluate their skill, progress, and mastery.

    • Students will not receive the responsibility component of the score when turning in late work.

  • All late work/makeup work must have a teacher- created cover sheet explaining why the assignment is being turned in after the due date

  • Two week cut-off for ALL late work

  • Re-do/revisions will not be subject to the 2 week late work cut-off, but MUST be done within the quarter it was originally assigned

    • BEFORE an assignment will be accepted for re-do/revision, students must conference with their teacher

  • Late-work will not be accepted for re-do/revisions UNLESS it is a Summative Assignment

Revisions & Redos

  • May be teacher assigned OR student requested

  • Work will follow the same procedures and requirements as late work/makeup work.

    • Request form must be attached

    • A student will NOT be penalized for lack of responsibility if he/she but put forth his/her best effort to complete it and turn it in on time.

  • Student's request must be within a reasonable amount of time and in order to correct a misunderstanding or better reflect ability on the skill(s) being assessed.

    • Teachers will have a “Request to Revise” form available for students

Policy Exceptions

To be fair and equitable and to allow students to improve skills, teachers will use their discretion in making exceptions to the late work/make-up work and re-do policies for individual students and/or circumstances.

Grade Calculation

Categories & Weights

  • Speaking/Listening (discussions, etc) - 15%

  • Reading - 20%

  • Writing PROCESS (minor pieces, outlines, draft work, etc.)- 20%

  • Language (grammar & vocabulary) - 15%

  • Summative Assessments (including major essays, presentations, midterms, & final exams) - 30%

Summative assignments will carry higher point value to reflect their significance within the grade.

Comment Codes

  • Mi or Ab = assignment was not turned in on the due date

  • Score + La = assignment was turned in late

    • Responsibility component will be deducted

  • IN or Score + IN = assignment not completed in its entirety OR teacher believes the assignment should be revised/redone

    • Student-teacher consultation required

      • In-class if possible or before school, after school, or lunch tutoring

  • Score + RE (or RTS) = assignment has been revised/redone by the student and re-scored by the teacher

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