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This site provides information on Red Mountain High School Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Program.

Requests for Program Appearances

If you are interested in the Cadets of the Lion Battalion (Color Guard, Drill Team, etc.) making an appearance at your upcoming event, please make a formal request to the Senior Army Instructor (SAI). Click here to view demonstration videos of the Corps Color Guard posting and presenting the Colors.


  • The JROTC program at Red Mountain offers a Dual Enrollment course. Students who complete four years with JROTC can earn nine (9) college credits toward a Certificate of completion in Organizational Leadership through Mesa Community College. See MCC for more information.
  • A recent letter came in about our Cadets. Read what others are saying about Red Mountain JROTC Cadets.
  • Check the Event Calendar for upcoming events! Click on the link to go to the JROTC Google Calendar.
  • The JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB) is November. Show off your knowledge by participating in the competition.
  • November is also Armed Forces Officer Career Day. Thinking about being a Military Officer?? Then this is for you. See the SAI to get on the list.
  • CyberPatriot was a great success last year and we look forward to yet another year. Students interested in a possible career in the Information Technology field  benefit from the CyberPatriot competition with free training from Cisco Network Academy.
Service Award
  • Congratulations Cadets! Because of your efforts, we have been awarded Red Mountain High School's Service Club of the Year for 2015-2016 school year. Great job!







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1. High School Transition Assistance

The teenage years are some of the most difficult in life. They're a time of exploring, a time of challenging the old rules and relationships, and therefore a time of great uncertainty. JROTC provides a haven outside of family that students can depend on and feel at home with. It instills the Judeo-Christian ethics and morals from which they can stand on and grow from. JROTC provides structure they are searching for, rules and discipline they can accept, goals they are willing to pursue, interests that engage their minds, bodies and spirits, and all the support they need from both instructors and peers. The mastering of leadership techniques instills a quiet confidence that comes from knowing what they are capable of, and the character to do what it takes to accomplish their goals.

2. College Assistance

The JROTC program is recognized by colleges and perspective employers for its leadership building program.

College applications give JROTC experience the same credit as an Eagle Scout Award. Military ROTC Scholarships are worth up to $60,000. 

Employers choose JROTC students over other applicants because of their reliability, integrity, leadership skills and dependability.

The program can assist with much more than simply money; it provides students with the discipline, the maturity, and the skills needed to be successful in life. 

3. Adventure

The JROTC Program is one of the most dynamic programs in the school and offers a variety of fun and adventure activities such as fall and winter camp outs, drill competitions, survival training, field trips, cave exploring, kayaking, indoor skydiving, cross country skiing, leadership reaction courses, and an opportunity to attend an actual military summer camp. These activities are all optional and are not required for the grade.

4. Life-Long Friendships

The Cadet Battalion family welcomes all new students. The program develops leadership potential with the ability to live and work cooperatively with others. Unlike other classes, JROTC teaches tolerance and empathy. JROTC is all about teamwork. Every student has a job and every job is important to the Battalion. As friends and mentors, you will find them assisting each other with homework, sharing personal problems, offering conflict resolution and peer counseling with sound advice, and sharing hugs and prayers.

5. Build Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

The JROTC Program builds self-confidence and self-esteem through leadership training and responsibility. Second year students are given leadership positions and are taught to set sound goals. They are closely mentored by the instructors and senior cadets. These new leaders are taught to learn from their mistakes so that they can continually improve on their leadership skills. Cadets are recognized with numerous ribbons, medals and rank. These newly acquired skills of organization, self-discipline and responsibility are quickly noted in their other high school classes, extracurricular activities, jobs and homes.


1. "I don’t want to join the military."

JROTC is NOT a recruiting station. The mission of the program is to motivate young people to become better citizens. The purpose of the program is to instill the values of citizenship, service to community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. JROTC students are the leaders of tomorrow. Students are taught the importance of a high school diploma and further education for a successful future. JROTC teaches life skills, career sills, resume writing, and preparation for job interviews.

For those who do aspire to join the military, the JROTC experience will provide many advantages. The program can help student leaders join the military branch of their choice at a higher rank and with up to a $300 monthly pay increase for the duration of their enlistment. JROTC can provide all the physical conditioning and skills necessary to ease the cadets through their boot camp or basic training experience. The Cadet Battalion has traditionally assisted students in various military academy appointments.

2. "I don’t want to wear the uniform." 

In reality the uniform is worn less than one day a week and on some days the Battalion Polo or T-shirts and slacks are worn. The uniform is yet another way for JROTC to impart responsibility, teamwork, organization, and discipline. It is a means for the Cadet Battalion to show their self-confidence and pride in the display of their well-earned medals, ribbons and rank. There is no charge to the student for the use of the uniform or other military equipment. Yes, you will stand out in your uniform, but so too will your confident attitude, rank, and leadership abilities.

3. "I don’t have time."

The Cadet Battalion has always included students who are also officers and leaders in other clubs and organizations. They are active members in numerous other extracurricular activities such as; class officers, student council,  cheer-leading, marching band, drama, and various sports teams. Unlike some school activities, JROTC works around their other commitments because it knows the importance of students being well rounded and involved. JROTC extracurricular activities are not required for the grade, but it is only fair that cadet participation in these activities help them earn their medals, ribbons and rank.

Never too late

Learn more about the advantages of the U. S. Army JROTC Program at www.usarmyjrotc.com and U. S. Army ROTC Scholarships at https://www.goarmy.com/rotc/scholarships.html

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