During the fall of 2018, Rena Weber was selected by Gilder-Lehrman to participate in a seminar on JFK in Boston.


During the 2017 Arizona Council for the Social Studies conference, Red Mountain brought a strong professional presence and valuable contributions:


Rena Weber presented a session on the Cold War, "A Divided Germany".


Jeannine Kuropatkin presented two workshop sessions:

  • "Adventures in Arabia" lesson on the Arabian Gulf States based upon her 2016 TEACH Fellowship travel study in Bahrain, UAE & Qatar.
  • "Professional Development Travel" as part of a teacher panel on Travel Study Opportunities for teachers.


Jeannine Kuropatkin received the "Great Moments in Teaching" Award for her original exemplary lesson on the "Secret Cities of the Manhattan Project."


Megan Dover presented a workshop on "Using Jazz and Poetry as Primary Sources in World History: Taking a Stand for Freedom and Justice: The Transnational Negritude Movement in Paris and French West Africa".


Accomplishments and contributions of RMHS Social Studies teachers and students were also featured in the conference slideshow:

  • Jaime Leverington + RM students 2017 "Personal Finance Case Study" State Championship Team
  • Jeannine Kuropatkin's students + Public Defender Teddy Saldivar for 2017 Constitution Day


Former RMHS Social Studies teacher Marcie Hutchinson was honored with the ACSS 2017 "Wilbur Murra Lifetime Achievement in Social Studies Award."