The CORE @ Red Mtn

Mrs. Hale, CORE Administrator

Ms. Weigler, CORE Counselor


The CORE @ Red Mtn is an alternative option at Red Mountain High School for students who qualify based on credits, enrollment dates or other individual circumstances.

New courses begin every 9 weeks allowing students to earn or make-up 9 credits per year using both direct instruction classes and Edgenuity, a computer based curriculum. 

The CORE @ Red Mountain High School will focus on core academics of English, Math, Social Studies and Computer-Based Platform Science and Elective classes while creating individualized schedules. The CORE Teachers and staff will guide students in the examination of their previous high school experience, identify strengths and needs, determine a plan for improvement and provide supports in working towards their graduation from The CORE @ Red Mountain High School.

The CORE's Daily Bell Schedule

CORE Bell Schedule 

* CORE 1st hour is a semester (18 week) class earning .5 credit. Student will take traditional Elective.



Criteria for The CORE

  1. Between 1.5 - 2 credits or more behind Grade Level Credit Standing
  2. Administrative Approval

How you earn 9 credits in CORE

Must complete and pass each course with a 60% or better.

Period     Quarter 1       Quarter 2      Quarter 3     Quarter 4

1             .50 Credit earn in Dec.        .50 credit earned in May 

2             .50                   .50               .50                .50

3             .50                   .50               .50                .50

4             Lunch              Lunch           lunch            Lunch

5             .50                   .50               .50                .50

6-7          .50                   .50               .50                .50

Contact Information

Mr. Steve Tannenbaum, Principal

Mrs. JaNeal Hale, Administrator

Ms. Cathy Weigler, Student Advisor

Mrs. Melissa Kerr, Secretary

7301 E. Brown Road

Mesa, Arizona 85209

(480) 308-5646

The CORE’s office and classrooms are in the 600 classrooms which is situated between the Baseball Field and Student Parking. Entry to the CORE's Office is on the West side of Room 616, which faces the RM Football Home Concession Stands.  Parking available. 

We look forward to working with the students and parents of The CORE @ Red Mountain High School!

"It always seems impossible  until it's done."

Nelson Mandela

Benefits of being in The CORE @ Red Mtn

  • A Red Mountain High School Student
  • Meaningful High School Experience
  • Smaller class sizes and limited enrollment
  • 9 Week block courses
  • 70-minute class periods
  • 2.5 or more credits can be earned each 9-weeks (9 or credits during the school year)
  • Primary focus on core academics
  • Elective Credit for working
  • Individualized student schedules
  • Access to school activities like dances, assemblies, etc.


Daily Attendance is expected and vital to be successful in The CORE @ Red Mtn.

  • Students have 4 absences per 9 weeks.
  • Students may loose credit after 5 absences in a specific period.
  • Appeals should be submitted. 

Additional Info

  • Breakfast Service starts at 7:00 am.
  • 1st Hour starts at 8:15 am - Elective Course
  • Not all Sports Weight Training cannot be accommodated during the school hours. Please see the Coach for after school participation availability.
  • Seminary can be taken A-Hour
  • Electives are taken through Edgenuity, an educational online curriculum.  Each Edgenuity class is worth .5 credit.  Classes MUST be completed by the end of each 9-week quarter to earn credit.

"Don't Give up.

Don't ever give up."

Jimmy Valvano

Positive words that describe the word CORE.  Each word begins with C, O, R or E.

Revolutionizing Education. Celebrating Success. Honoring People.

Red Mountain High School’s Mission Statement