Visits by Military Recruiters at RMHS


    The Military recruiters will be available the following days to meet individually with students in the Commons during the 5th hour lunch. See Mrs. Rusnak in the College & Career Center to set up a meeting. 

    Monday - Navy

    Tuesday - Air Force

    Wednesday - AZ National Guard

    Wednesday - Marines

    Thursday - Army


United States Military





National Guard

United States Coast Guard



To contact a local recruiter, please call the Superstition Springs Recruiting Center, 7015 E. Southern Avenue, Mesa

(480) 924-0197


Today's Military


Are you interested in attending one of the U.S. Military Academies?

Juniors interested in the military academy should begin working on the application soon. Please review this link for a list of Eligibility Requirements.
Representatives from the Air Force, Army, Naval, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine Academies will hold Spring Conferences to describe the exciting military, academic, and career opportunities they offer.  Military Representatives are normally also on hand to explain the congressional application process. Earning a nomination to a U.S. Service Academy is a great privilege and honor, as well as a valuable educational scholarship and career benefit. All high school students, regardless of age, are welcome and you will find the conferences helpful in pursuing a nomination to a United States Service Academy. 
The  U.S. Service Academy Conference for Arizona will be held in April. If you have any questions regarding the conference  or the admissions and nomination process, please contact Janet Bosley at 480-699-8239 or
Applications for Military Academy Summer Seminars 
With the exception of the the Naval summer STEM program, all programs are offered to current Juniors only  
  • Air Force Academy Registration -  December 1  - January 31
  • Naval Academy Summer Stem Program is available for grade levels 8th-11th.    - Registration  January - April 15 
  • Naval Academy Summer Seminar Registration begins January 16
  • West Point Summer Seminar Registration begins December 1st -  April 1st

  •  Coast Guard Academy Summer Seminar applications available February 1st


    RMHS Administration Policy for Military Recruiters 

     1.         Recruiters will be allowed on the Red Mountain campus during the lunch period. These visits will be pre-scheduled through the Career Center and will be advertised to the school community by the Career Center. Recruiters will leave Red Mt. campus immediately after the end of each lunch period.


    2.         All Recruiter visits are limited to once a week.  Day of visit will be scheduled through the Career Center.


    3.         Recruiters must check in and sign out at the front desk like any other visitor.  Recruiters will not visit or interrupt a teacher or student during class.


    4.         Recruiters will report to their destination (i.e., Career Center, Lunch area, Amphitheater) immediately after check in and will remain there throughout the lunch period.


     5.        No student information will be provided to recruiters without a signed consent form. Recruiters can receive Junior & Senior Student Directories by contacting the Mesa Public Schools District, Ms. Chris Torperzer at or 480-472-0205.


    6.         Recruiters will not take a student out of school for testing, physicals or other purposes unless the student is officially excused by parents through the Attendance office.  The student’s absence is not school excused.    


    7.         Recruiters wishing to make breakfast or lunch presentations to Advisors schedule with the Advisement Secretary at 480-472-8030.


    8.         One-on-one Lunch visits with students will be in the Commons and are limited to once per quarter. These visits must be scheduled in advance with the College & Career Center Specialist. Career Center contact information: (480)472-8031



    We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines to ensure a safe and uninterrupted learning environment for our students.


    Mr. Jared Ryan,

    RMHS Principal