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Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year at Red Mountain High School.  My name is Mr. Brent Krieg and I will be teaching Algebra I to your student this year.  I am pleased to be working at a school that is as dedicated to students as this school is.  I would like to explain my background, beliefs, and vision for this class.


I am a native Arizonan having grown up in Tucson.  My Bachelor’s Degree was earned at Northern Arizona University (2000).  I also earned my Master’s through Northern Arizona University (2007).  I started my career in Flagstaff, AZ teaching sixth grade math (2002-2003).  The following year, I relocated to the West Valley where I taught sixth grade, seventh grade math and eighth grade math (2003-2006).  I moved to the East Valley in 2006 in order to seek a teaching position at a school with a focus on student achievement and the leadership to provide the appropriate impetus.  I am now proud to call Red Mountain ‘home’. 


My class will be similar to other classes in some ways and different in other respects.  I use as many manipulatives and activities as possible in instruction as well as providing my students with projects, tasks, and exercises to apply, compare, evaluate, and discuss mathematical concepts.  Do not be shocked to see your student doing interesting things at home to satisfy class requirements.  Your student will also be using a lot of technology including calculators and web-based activities on Canvas.


Let it be said now that I want every student to succeed in my class.  However, students must earn their grades by working very hard in my class and striving to produce outstanding results.  I believe that hard work and determination are keys to success.  I cannot stress this concept enough and hope that you will support your student and me by expecting the same!


Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.  I am more than willing to discuss your student’s progress with you via e-mail, phone, or conference.  E-mail is always preferable to other forms of communication during school hours (8am-3pm).  Thank you in advance for your consideration!  




Brent C. Krieg, M.Ed.


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