Daniel Hurst
Advanced Welding Instructor

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My name is Daniel Hurst. I live in Mesa and have been in Arizona for 45 Years. I've been in the welding industry for 30 years as an active welder with 25 Certifications from the American Welding Society. I taught the advanced Tig and Mig curriculum at the Mesa Community College in the fall and spring. I also have MCC students coming back to mentor current students in a program called the Student Advisory Board. I retired from the welding industry, as the Senior Technical Representative for a local firm, to teach the welding program here at Red Mountain High School. I have done many different projects over the years with aviation, an aircraft welding specialist being my favorite.

Over the years I have watched the welding technology change to a better and more efficient process. I am happy to announce we have added this new technology to our welding program here at Red Mountain High School. With my experience In the industry students will now have the ability to learn welding as it occurs in the real world. During the advanced course students will have the opportunity to certify in AWS D1.1 all year.