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Hello Mountain Lions!! This year will mark the beginning of my sixth year as a high school science teacher, and my fourth at Red Mountain. I graduated from the University of Arizona in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Renewable Natural Resources and in 2015, earned my Masters Degree in Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University. I began my teaching career after retiring from a 25 career as an officer and biologist with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. In 25 years, I conducted research and managed populations for many of the states wildlife and fisheries species. I also enforced all of the laws responsible for protecting those species. I was also involved in drafting some of the legislation that became the laws and rules governing how wildlife is taken and possessed used by wildlife officers today. The work was challenging and very rewarding. However, from the first day I entered the Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy to start my first career over 30 years ago, my long-term dream was always to become a high school science teacher.

The experience I gained from my first career gives me  very special insight into the subject matter that I teach in my second career here at Red Mountain. AP Environmental Science, Environmental Science, Pre-AP Biology, Earth Science and Applied Biology are all subjects that I teach/have taught here and I use all of my practical knowledge to help my students understand the natural world and the classes on multiple levels. 

These are very interesting times we live in. It is an unprecedented time for Careers in Environmental Science, Sustainability, Biomedical Technology and Environmental Engineering. I will give you all an introduction into the science that will begin healing our planet.