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Selection Criteria and Process


These procedures reflect the guidelines outlined in the NEHS National Constitution. Each school’s chapter is expected to follow these guidelines as they select new members each year.

1. Getting Started. The selection process used at your school has been developed and approved by members of the Faculty (teachers) and your principal. The steps in the process are written and published for students, parents, and others to read and understand.

2. Candidacy. As the first step in the process, the grades you have earned in recent years are reviewed to determine who is eligible for membership. The grades from at least your last two semesters are averaged together. To find out what the required grade average is at your school, ask the chapter adviser or read about it in the copy of your local selection process. Those students whose grade averages meet the criteria are known as Candidates.

3. Collecting Candidate Information. Once you have been identified as a Candidate for membership, you will be asked to complete the NEHS Candidate’s Form (available in the NEHS Handbook). This form outlines your accomplishments in the areas of Responsibility, Service, and Leadership. Please pay attention to the deadline on the form indicating when the form is due back to the chapter adviser. You and your parents will be asked to sign these forms, indicating that the content is complete and accurate.

4. Faculty/Teacher Input. With some schools, the teachers who have taught you will be asked to provide information about you to the selection committee (known as the NEHS Faculty Council). They may be asked to evaluate how responsible you have been in class and in other school activities.

5. Candidate Review. Once the Faculty Council (the selection committee) has received all of the Candidate Forms and input from the faculty, they will review each Candidate’s information carefully.

6. Principal’s Review. Your school principal also plays a part in this selection process, and will review the results of the Faculty Council’s voting. As a result, your selection is an indication that the faculty and the principal believe you are qualified for this honor.

7. Notification. Once the decisions have been made and approved by the principal, you will be notified of the results either in person or with a letter delivered to you and your parents at school or at home. Remember: There is a chance that you will not be selected this year, but with time and extra effort on your part, you can be considered again in the future as long as your grades remain strong.

8. Induction. All new members of the NEHS chapter are recognized at a special event known as the Induction Ceremony. In the letter notifying you of your selection, you will be asked to respond and confirm that you will be able to attend this important ceremony at the time and date listed. Once you have been recognized at the Induction Ceremony, you will be a new member of the National Elementary Honor Society!

Selection and Induction are just the first stages for becoming a member of NEHS. Your chapter will plan meetings and other special activities throughout the coming year. You will learn new leadership skills and participate in service projects to improve your school and community. Membership in NEHS provides many new experiences to add value to your education. We hope you will make the most of this opportunity.