Roosevelt Ranches

What are Roosevelt Ranches?

Roosevelt Ranches are a group of three to four classrooms from a variety of grade levels that participate in activities together throughout the year. The idea of ranches is to create a stronger community within our school by giving an opportunity for students of different ages to build a relationship. Our Ranches are named after our vision and values at Roosevelt. Their names are Inspire, Dream, Empower, Achieve, Strive, Responsibility, and Respectful. 

A group of students is being instructed on how to play hot potato while in the background there are student playing on playground equipment
Two older students read to a younger student outside

Two fourth grade students read to a first grader outside in the Roosevelt courtyard.

A group of students gather around a flagpole outside

Above, Responsible Ranch meets together around the flag pole before going out on the playground, pictured on the right.