Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass









In elementary school, orchestra class is where you get to learn these fun string instruments:  violin, viola, cello or bass.  In Mesa, we're very lucky, because when you get to high school, you can play in a symphony orchestra!  A symphony orchestra has strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments.  We need lots of elementary students to join orchestra so that when they get to high school, there will be enough string players to form a symphony.

In orchestra class, we explore all kinds of music.  It is fascinating to learn about how string instruments are played around the world!  The first orchestras were started in the 1600's!  That was the beginning of "classical music," which a style that we learn about in orchestra class.  We also learn a lot about folk music, such as "fiddle music."  Fiddle music is so much fun to play! 

In orchestra class, we play lots of concerts.  We have one concert in December and another concert in May.  You get to perform for both your parents and for the entire school!  When you get to 6th grade, there are some exciting opportunities.  You can try out for honor orchestra, where you play with the best elementary school players from the entire city of Mesa!  You also get to play in a concert together with orchestras from high school and junior high school.

Playing a string instrument is one of the most rewarding activities that I do.  To learn how to play, you need to go step by step so that you can sound great when you play.  So join orchestra and join the fun!