Regulation / Refocus Room 


This "Room" is considered another layer in the positive behavior intervention supports at SHARP.  The Regulation Room is a stimulus free environment that is intended for students to de-escalate and/or refocus successfully, while continuing to provide positive constructive academic and behavioral learning experiences in order for the student to return to class and be a successful student. We have de-emphasized the punitive aspect and stressed the positive learning experiences for students.  We believe that students need a safe and structured setting to think about how their actions affect others, and how other individuals feel when they become subjects of disrespect.

Prior to a student re-entering their classroom, students will meet with either the principal or other delegated staff member to re-teach the expectations of being safe, respectful and responsible. Strategies and coping skills will be identified and practiced as part of the goal setting in the intervention.



  •          The purpose of the Regulation Room is to provide the student an opportunity to de-escalate in their behaviors           and/or refocus.
  •          The Regulation Room is used after multiple interventions have been applied and students need a separate               environment for additional interventions to occur.
  •         The Regulation Room is used to re-teach the SHARP expectations of being safe, responsible and respectful. 
  •         The Regulation Room is used to identify and practice coping skills and other strategies that may help the                   student be successful
  •         The Regulation Room is used for student self-reflection