Dress Code

The dress code at SHARP School conforms with the Mesa Public Schools' Governing Board Policy JFCA regarding student dress and grooming standards. Student dress and grooming standards are established to promote the general health, safety and welfare of all students and staff and directly contribute to the accomplishment of the district's educational objectives. These objectives include:

  • Creating and maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment,
  • Achieving district curriculum standards and objectives,
  • Fostering school pride and student self-esteem, and
  • Adhering to social norms in preparation for future education and employment opportunities.

School administrators and teachers have the professional responsibility and authority to require students to change their dress or grooming to comply with the district and school dress and grooming standards.

General Standards

Personal appearance and dress are the responsibility of the student and the student's parent or guardian. Students will not dress or groom themselves in a manner that, in the judgment of the school administrator, presents a risk to the health, safety or general welfare of the student, other students or staff, or that is counterproductive to the district's educational objectives. Students will refrain from displaying tattoos or wearing clothing, jewelry or other accessories that communicate, whether through language, images, symbols, artwork, color schemes or clothing styles:

  • A message related to tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs and other items that cannot be legally purchased or possessed by minors;
  • A message that advocates or promotes violence or terror;
  • A message that is sexually suggestive, vulgar, obscene or plainly offensive;
  • A message that would cause a reasonable person, as a student or a staff member, to feel insulted, demeaned, threatened, intimidated or harassed because of the person's race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation; or
  • A message expressing gang membership, affiliation or support.

Dress Standards

Students at SHARP School must comply with the following dress standards at school and school events:

  • Jeans, pants and trousers must be worn at the waist area and must not drag excessively on the ground. No Sagging is Allowed!

  • Clothing must cover the abdomen, back, buttocks, chest and genital areas. Tops that expose cleavage are prohibited. When standing, tops must completely cover the midriff to the skirt, shorts or pants. If an untucked top falls below fingertip level when the student is standing, the top must be tucked into the trousers.
  • Skintight outer clothing, such as spandex, is probibited unless it is worn for a school-sponsored extracurricular activity.
  • Tube tops and halter tops are prohibited. Tank tops and other sleeveless tops are permitted only if the straps are wider than one and one-half inches and the armholes are no lower than two inches from the armpit.
  • Shorts must have at least a two inch inseam and extend to the tip of the student's fingers.
  • Dresses and skirts must extend at least one inch beyond the tip of the student's fingers.
  • Clothing or attire by which an adolescent female student does not wear a bra or underwear, wears a bra or garments as outerwear, or wears clothing in a manner such that underwear is visible through outerwear is prohibited.
  • Clothing or attire by which an adolescent male student does not wear underwear, wears underwear as outerwear, or wears trousers or shorts so that underwear is visible is prohibited.
  • Pajamas and other sleepwear are prohibited.
  • Bandanas, hairnets and do-rags are prohibited.
  • Jewelry and accessories with studs, spikes, sharp objects or heavy chains are prohibited. In addition, jewelry depicting weapons (ie. brass knuckles), illegal drugs, offensive symbols or sexually suggestive material is prohibited.
  • Sunglasses may only be worn outside unless a medical condition exists that is confirmed by a physician.
  • Hats or other head apparel may not be worn inside school buildings unless for religious, medical or safety purposes. Students will not be prohibited or discouraged from wearing hats or other clothing designed to reduce sun exposure while outdoors.
  • Trench coats and other oversized clothing that can conceal contraband are prohibited.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times. Shoes, such as "wheels in the heels," that pose safety hazards and shoes, such as cleats, that may damage flooring are prohibited.

Grooming Standards

SHARP Students must comply with the following grooming standards at school and school events:

  • Students are expected to bathe and groom themselves regularly so that any lack of personal hygiene is not annoying or disruptive to other students or staff.
  • Secondary students my use cosmetics. Heavy mascara and other use of cosmetics that give the student a disturbing or distracting appearance is prohibited. Face paint is prohibited.

Compliance with Standards

SHARP School students who violate the dress and grooming standards must correct the violation immediately. Appropriate remedies may include, but not be limited to:

  • Turning inappropriate clothing inside out.
  • Changing to appropropriate clothing provided from home or by the school.
  • Removing offending jewelry or accessory.

The SHARP Principal reserves the right to confiscate contraband clothing items, accessories or jewelry to be held until such time as the offending student's parent schedules a meeting with the Principal to retrieve the item. Students who refuse or are unable to correct the violation will spend the remainder of the school day in the Alternative Learning Center. Subsequent violations will be addressed in accordance with the district's Information & Guidelines for student behavior.