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Shepherd Jr. High - Close Up Educational Tour Announcement from Mr. Johnson the Sponsor

Mr. Johnson sponsors the Close-Up Club here at Shepherd.

For the 18th time he is part of the planning for this years’ trip of taking students for a week in late April early May to Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York City, to further enhance the importance of learning about our country’s history and a deeper appreciation and understanding how our government functions. A note of caution  This years planned trip for the 1st week of May 2022 is subject to District restrictions on travel for school clubs if circumstances are demonstrated to district leadership that the planned travel for the Close Up travel cannot take place in a safe healthy environment.  The District has given it's approval for schools to plan on participating in this coming school year.  The Shepherd Close Up trip is being planned and will happen, but issues of safety and health will be monitored to make sure the planned Close Up trip is considered safe for all participants 

Below is the proposed plan for the 2022 spring Close Up Trip.

The Shepherd Close Up Club is an educational study visit to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City, that gives students a short, active course in U.S. history and structure of U.S government that is specifically designed for the interest and curricular needs of middle school students. Close Up is a nonprofit foundation whose goal is to bring students to Washington, D.C. to get a firsthand look at our government.

On Tuesday, August 24th, 2021, at 6:30 PM, there will be a informational meeting for all parents and students in 8th grade that are interested in going on the Close Up Trip from April 24th to May 1st, 2021. Students must join the Shepherd Close Up Club to attend after they have submitted their Intent to Participate Form with the first $400 non-refundable deposit by Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 to the Bookstore.

This meeting will be held in the Shepherd Media Center/Library - All interested students and parents need to attend this meeting and/or pick-up information that is necessary to participate in the April 30th, 2022 thru May 7th, 2022 Close-Up Educational Tour.  Those parent and students who can not attend must come by his classroom and pick up necessary forms that must be completed and turned in according to the Close Up Club Time Frame. The Shepherd Close Up Club will accept registration forms from students who cannot make the meeting up and through the beginning of January as long as there is space left for participation.

Total Cost of the April 30th thru May 7th, 2022, Close Up Washington DC/Philadelphia/New York seven day tour which includes all airline, bus, entry fees, tickets to a Broadway musical, hotel rooms, three meals a day and more, will be $2607.  

All students are tentatively scheduled to travel together with Mr. Johnson and other teacher chaperons that will leave late Saturday night April 30th 2022 on a red eye flight to Washington DC and return home Saturday May 7th.  This schedule is subject to change because of travel availability and final travel plans will not be known until the first week of April.

Shepherd Payment Time Line:

Tuesday, September 21st – Turn in Intention Form to Participate to Mr. Johnson and pay a non-refundable $500 to the Bookstore or online.

Tuesday, October 26th – Turn in the next $500 to the Bookstore or online for a total of $1000 due by this date.

Wednesday, January 19th, 2022 – Turn in the final total balance of $1607 to the Bookstore or online which will make the total paid $2607 for the seven day Washington/ Philly/NY Close-Up Tour.


Students who are planning to participate must qualify in two other areas

1st - Grades: They must be passing all classes with at least a 70% or “C” grade in each class.

2nd - Behavior: Student behavior during the school year needs to have been positive, without major infractions or suspensions as determined by the Shepherd Administration.  Shepherd Jr. High Administration reserves the right to disqualify a student from participating in school sponsored activities based on school and/or classroom behaviors that are detrimental to a positive learning atmosphere as spelled out by Shepherd School Rules and District Behavior GuidelinesThis can mean a loss of funds paid for a student to go on Close-Up Tour.


All student activities sponsored by Mesa Public Schools requires that all money for each activity be collected and then distributed by the School District.  All money is to be turned in at the Shepherd Bookstore.  Mr. Johnson cannot handle or collect any money or checks personally, per MPS District Policy. 


ECA Donations may be used by parents, friends, and family to offset the cost of the Close-Up Trip. ECA donation can be made online or through the bookstoreAll qualified people who pay Arizona State Income Taxes can use up to $200 per person or $400 per married couple as a legal State Income tax write off.

* REMEMBER!!!!! All ECA donations are non-refundable, as stated by state law!

*  Please Only donate $200 dollars per person or $400 per married couple, that is all the AZ Law allows.


* ECA donations need to be designated for Shepherd Close-Up Club Tour with the name of your student written on online donation or the ECA donation form, so your student is given credit for those funds and so those ECA Funds can be applied towards your student’s total balance due. 

* If any ECA donations are made on the District online site by you, family, friends, or others please, it is very important that all ECA donations are tied to the student's name who is planning on participating in the 2022 Shepherd Close Up Trip.  If questions please contact Mr. Johnson so he can make sure those donated funds are accredited to your student’s total amount that is due.

* All questions on ECA donation qualifying rules, contact District person, Carol Alexander at 472 – 0133.


The Close-Up Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides quality educational tours to Middle and High School Students. You are invited to visit their web site to learn more about them at or call Toll Free: 1 - 800 – 256 – 7387.


When you have decided to have your student participate in the 2020–2021  Shepherd Close-Up Club Educational Tour your must do the following:

1. First fill out completely the Intention to Participate and Informational Form and turn it in with the first $500 payment which is non-refundable to the Shepherd Bookstore.  This first $500 payment allows us to register each student with Close-Up as a participant and is the first step in your student becoming a Shepherd Close Up Club member.  Only Shepherd Close Up Club members can participate in the Tour.

2. Continue to make payments as required according to the instructions listed below unless otherwise notified.


Shepherd Payment Time Line:

Tuesday September 21st, 2021 - Turn in Intention to Participate Form to the Bookstore and pay a non-refundable $500 to the Bookstore or online for the Shepherd Close Club Educational Tour.

Tuesday October 26th, 2021 Pay the next $500 to the Bookstore or Online for a total of $1000.

Wednesday January 19th, 2022 – Pay the final total balance still due to the Bookstore or online which will be $1607 for the seven day Washington DC/ Philadelphia/New York City tour, which will bring the total amount donated to $2607.


You can make payments early.  The payment time line indicates deadlines when money must be turned in.  If a problem arises with the scheduled payments, according to the payment time line, please contact Mr. Johnson ASAP at


After Wednesday January 19th, 2022, when all funds have been collected and all students who qualify to go financially have been firmly identified, Mr. Johnson will schedule a Shepherd Close-Up Club planning meetings with students to go over travel and tour information and what is necessary and needed for students to complete so they can participate successfully on the Close-Up Tour scheduled April 30th, thru May 7th, 2022.   


Lastly, on Monday April 25th, 2022, right before the Shepherd Close-Up students are scheduled to leave for Washington DC Mr. Johnson has scheduled a mandatory meeting  in the Shepherd Media Center for all students and their parents to go over all details regarding the Close-Up Tour.


For more information or questions concerning the Close Club Tour, please contact Mr. Johnson at his school email at