Shepherd Jr. High Teen Court:


Shepherd Teen Court program trains 8th grade Social Studies Honors students to be qualified to participate in juvenile court proceedings of students who are first time offenders of minor misdemeanors in the Juvenile Court System.  Students are trained to perform in the roles of Judge, Attorneys, Jurors, Bailiff, Court Clerk, Victim’s Advocate, etc., so that they can determine appropriate consequences for juvenile defendants.


Shepherd Teen Court Program is part of a nationwide program that works in conjunction with the Maricopa Juvenile Court and Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Office.


Teen Court students are required to use higher learning skills in reading, writing, problem solving, speech, analysis and evaluation, in preparing student cases for trial.  Students apply their skills in understanding police reports, interviewing defendants, writing opening and closing statements, writing & preparing questions for witnesses, deliberating on juries, and deciding appropriate consequences for the defendants. 


Teen Court enhances Citizenship and Civic values by creating a unique real life learning experience in a dynamic environment. Shepherd Teen Court is a Service Learning opportunity for Students in the 8th Grade Gifted Social Studies Classes.


Please watch the video about the Shepherd Teen Court on the link provided: