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School and Community Statistics


Mesa is a city of approximately 471,825 residents just southeast of Phoenix, Arizona. Mesa Unified School District (MPS) has 6 comprehensive high schools, 10 choice / success schools, 10 junior high schools, and 54 elementary schools. The East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) is available to MPS students for technical training.


Skyline High School is a four year, public, comprehensive high school with an estimated enrollment of 2,300 students. The school is accredited by the Cognia (www.cognia.org). Skyline offers a full range of courses, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities to meet the needs of all learners. 

School Data: 

Enrollment data by grade level:

Seniors: 465

Juniors: 483

Sophomores: 539

Freshmen: 746

The percentage of students on free / reduced lunch = 57.1%.

Demographic Data: 

The current ethnic distribution is:

Hispanic - 47.0%        Caucasian - 42.0%     African-American - 4.0%

Mixed - 2.0% Native American - 2.0%   Asian / Pacific Islander - 1.5%      


Administration: consists of one principal, four assistant principals

Counseling: six student advisors, one school social worker

Certified support personnel: two psychologists, one school nurse

Safety & security: one Mesa Police Department school resource officer, five MPS security monitors

Certificated classroom teachers: 137 certified teachers.

Classified classroom staff: 23

Other classified staff: 33


Courses are offered in the following subjects: Art, Career and Technical Education, English, Mathematics, Military Science / Leadership (Army ROTC), Music / Performing Arts, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Traffic Safety, World Languages, and Individualized Instruction.

Grading Policy:

The following percentages determine the grading in unweighted classes:

90% - 100%          4.0          A - Superior

80% - 89%            3.0         B - Above Average

70% - 79%            2.0         C - Average

60% - 69%           1.0          D - Below Average

0% - 59%             0.0          F - Failing

Advanced / Honors Classes:

Advanced and honors courses receive weighted grades. A 5.0 grade point value is based on increased performance, expectations, and greater academic rigor in the coursework required. The grade points for these classes are weighted as follows (Note: On the transcript, advanced / honors classes are identified with the letter "W" for weighted):

A = 5.0     B = 4.0     C = 3.0     D = 2.0     F = 0


Mesa Public Schools requires 22 credits to graduate. In addition, students in Arizona must demonstrate proficiency on the American Civics Test. Please see the Mesa Public Schools Course Description Catalog (available in printed form and online at www.mpsaz.org) to review the requirements for the 1) Mesa Schools Standard Diploma and the 2) Mesa Schools Scholastic Diploma. As an option, students completing 150 hours of community service receive the Service Learning Endorsement.

Graduation Rate:

2021: 82%


2019: 82%

2018: 82%

2017: 78%


The minimum graduation requirement is four years of English. This includes the following year-long courses: Freshmen English or Honors Freshmen English (taken in 9th grade), Sophomore English or Honors Sophomore English (taken in 10th grade), Junior English or AP English Language (taken in 11th grade), and 1 additional year of English. Senior course offerings include: Senior English, AP English Literature and Composition, or College-level English 101 and 102.


The minimum graduation requirement is four years of math: Algebra I, Geometry (or Honors Geometry), Algebra II (or Honors Algebra II), plus an additional math course. Other math course offerings include: Personal Finance, College Algebra / Trigonometry (Pre-Calculus), Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics, and AP Calculus AB.


The minimum graduation requirement is three years of science. This includes Biology (or Honors Biology) and the student's choice of two lab sciences (Essential Elements of Science, Earth and Space Science, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, AP Physics I, AP Physics II, AP Environmental Science, and AP Biology).

Social Studies:

The minimum graduation requirement is three years for social studies. The course sequence is as follows:

1 year of World History / Geography or AP World History / Geography, 1 year of American History or AP American History, 1 semester of Government and 1 semester of Economics or AP U.S. Government and Politics (year-long) or We The People (a form of AP Government with a mandatory competition component).


The graduation requirement is 1 credit of fine and / or practical art. Course offerings include those in the departments of: Art, Career and Technical Education, and Music / Performing Arts.

Physical Education:

All students must successfully complete 1 credit of Physical Education.

Honors Classes (Weighted Grades):

English: Honors Freshman English, Honors Sophomore English, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition

Math: Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, Honors Pre-Calculus*, AP Calculus / AB*, AP Statistics*

Science: Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, AP Physics I*, AP Physics II*, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology

Social Studies: AP World History / Geography, AP Human Geography, AP U.S. History, AP U.S. Government and Politics, We The People, AP Psychology

World Language: Spanish III, AP Spanish Language

Other: Academic Decathlon, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Music Theory

*(Dual Enrollment credit is available through Maricopa Community Colleges upon payment of tuition fees.)

College Core GPA and Class Rank:

Mesa Public Schools determines class rank based upon the College Core GPA. The College Core GPA is based on Arizona university entrance requirements as determined by the Arizona Board of Regents, as well as the Arizona Board of Education Graduation Requirements. Requirements are 4 English, 4 Math, 3 Science, 3 Social Studies, 2 World Language, and 1 Fine Art (17 core credits). Students who exceed minimum core area requirements will be evaluated based on the courses with the highest grade point earned in that core area. For more information go to: www.mpsaz.org/collegecore.

Education & Career Action Plans Guidance Curriculum:

Skyline Student Advisors provide Education & Career Action Plans (ECAPs) for all students focusing on academic planning, career exploration, post-graduate advisement, personal and educational goal-setting, and personal and social development. The ECAP helps students obtain information and the decision-making skills necessary to earn a high school diploma, prepare for admission into college, technical schools, the military, or the world of work to become successful productive citizens.

Students complete a personal profile / essay and develop a resume highlighting educational accomplishments, extra-curricular involvement, community service, work experience, and special achievements. These documents aid students with college and scholarship applications, job searches, leadership programs, and help faculty write comprehensive letters of recommendation.

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Class of 2021 Self-Reported Post Graduation Plans

76% plan to attend a university,  community college, or trade / technical  school. Of those: 

4 yr. university – 45% 

2 yr. community college – 43% Trade or technical school – 12%