Elements 'N Motion
Mrs. Robin Goedert-Andrews, Thursdays, 7:30AM, Room 416

Purpose: To raise environmental awareness in the Skyline community

Elements In Motion promotes students to go out into their community and perform community service. We hope this club teaches students that it's fun to help out your community. 


Come take a look and see what makes the Elements 'N Motion club a crucial part of Skyline High School!

Important Messages from Elements 'N Motion

Recycle Bin Locations - NOT APPLICABLE UNTIL FALL 2019

Skyline High School has 38 recycle bins on campus. This is a lot compared to Skyline only having 25 recycle bins from previous school years. Since Skyline now has 38 recycle bins, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that the recycle bins has a special spot that they stay at.

That is why you will see that there are the labels on the bins that tell you where they belong and where they need to stay. IF YOU SEE A BIN WHERE IT IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE, PLEASE PUT IT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS! Go to this page (coming soon) to see where the bins are located. If you see any problems or have concerns with the recycle bins then please do any of the following:

1. Contact Mrs. Andrews (click the red button to the left under the picture)

2. Send a message to the clubs Twitter account. Click on the social media page and scroll to the bottom where it shows the clubs tweets.

3. Text Noah Weichman (Skyline High School Volunteer, person who came up with this AMAZING recycling system) at (602) 574-3131 or email at arizonaeagle2013@msn.com

TEACHERS!!! Recycling on Friday Mornings

TEACHERS, every Friday morning the Elements 'N Motion club come to your classroom and empty your small blue recycle bin(s). Please leave your bins out of the classroom Thursday's after school so that your recycle bin(s) can get emptied. If you do not have a recycle bin or if you need your bin emptied on Friday's, please contact Mrs. Andrews in room 416 (x29589). Create a legacy of excellence and make Skyline green.

Please make sure that you post the "Skyline Recycles" flyer in your classroom to allow your students to know what is recyclable and what is not. Please stress the importance of recycling to your students and make sure they know and understand why it is important to recycle.

Thank you,


Noah Weichman
Skyline High School Volunteer
Full-time Volunteer for Elements 'N Motion Club

CTV Featuring Elements N Motion (club @ 3:10)

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