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Skyline's Social Worker

Ms. Talia Scheletsky

I am very excited to be a part of the Skyline team!  This is my first full academic year at Skyline, after joining in January, 2017 and I am proud to be the first social worker at Skyline.  I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University and then moved to Arizona to pursue my Masters of Social Work from ASU.  I have spent 14 years in social work supporting children and families and look forward to doing so here.  

As a school social worker, my goal is to connect students and their families with resources, information and support - no matter what the life circumstances.  I am privileged to help students cope with the difficult emotions and life decisions that come with adolescence.  I often work with students to identify emotions/feelingss and to apply specific coping skills to keep them in class and pursuing their education.

I have a variety of groups and supports available and am always willing to build a group around a specific need.  Check out our coming resource board near the attendance office and our Coyote Strong program!  Coyote Strong is our new and exciting health and wellness program that promotes positive life choices, remaining substance free and finding the healthy things in life to enjoy.

I am on campus until 3:30 daily.  If you have questions or your student has a need that I can help with, please contact me at:  tmscheletsky@mpsaz.org or (480) 472-9613.
Talia Scheletsky

Talia Scheletsky

Social Worker



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