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Skyline Student Store

Located next to the Bookstore.



Latex Balloons  $1.00 each

Mylar Balloons  $2.00 each

X-Large Mylar Balloons     $5.00 each

Balloon Bouquets (Includes 1 Mylar and 3 Latex Balloons)  $5.00


Skyline Clothing

Long Sleeve Shirts $14.00

Short Sleeve Shirts $10-12.00

Ladies Cut Shirts $12.00



Baseball Caps $20.00

Visors $12.00


Spirit Items

Pom Poms $1.00

Bumper Stickers $1.00

Eye Blacks  $1.00/Pair

Pennants  $4.00


Convenience Items

Chap Stick $1.00

Lotion $1.00

Ear Buds $4.00


Snacks and Beverages Ice Cream

Water Go-gurt Strawberry Crunch Bar

Hint Water Granola Bars Chocolate Crunch Bar

Fusion Water Cereal Bars Orange Dream Bar

Vitamin Water Fruit Roll-Ups Cookies and Cream Bar

Sparkling Ice Water Fruit Snacks Ice Cream Sandwich

Gatorade Jerky Vanilla Cones

Propel Pistachios Cookies and Cream Cones

Powerade Rice Krispies Bomb Pops

Lipton Teas Pop Tarts

Naked Juices Cookies

Orange Juice Cheez-Its

Chex Mix Popcorn

Baked Chips


All Food and Beverages are Smart Snack Compliant

Skyline's Student Store featured on Coyote Television, Episode 1 (minutes 6:50-8:13)

Mrs. Anita Vick


Hours of Operation


7:00 am- 2:00 pm

The store is closed every Wednesday.

The store is not open during class periods unless a pass is given.