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School Improvement Advisory Council

What is SIAC?
SIAC stands for School Improvement Advisory Council. Skyline’s SIAC serves in an advisory capacity to the school administration for the purpose of improving the quality of education experienced by Skyline High School students and improving the efficient operations of Skyline High School. SIAC membership includes parents, community members, teachers, staff members, and students. (See SIAC Bylaws for detailed information on membership and duties)

Who can join SIAC?
Any member of the Skyline community (parent, community, teacher, staff, or student) can join SIAC. Membership terms are staggered every two years. The principal will notify stakeholders of SIAC openings and how to join in August of each year.

When does SIAC meet?
SIAC meets once a quarter, from 4-5 p.m. in Room 109 on the Skyline campus. SIAC meetings are open to the public and must comply with Arizona’s Open Meeting laws. Although open to all, only SIAC members may vote on agenda items. Meeting agendas and minutes are posted and archived on the Skyline SIAC website. If you have any questions about SIAC, please contact Skyline’s Assistant Principal Mrs. Clancy at rclancy@mpsaz.org

SIAC Bylaws
Agendas & Meeting Minutes
A+ School of Excellence Application Input
Form to Request Graduation Field Pass