Course Guidelines for

Fundamental Writing Lab/

Fundamentals of English 

Skyline High School


The new school year has arrived and I'm looking forward to working with you.  Together, we can make a difference in the quality of your education.  Hopefully, I will prepare you to realize your strengths and improve upon your goal areas.  If there is anything I can do that will allow you to be more successful, please let me know. 


It is important for you to monitor your progress in all classes through the use of the student/parent portal.   If you need help in regular academic areas, such as test read, help on assignments or other accommodations, please take advantage of the resource room (rooms 208, 256, and 450).  Also, I am available to help, so please ask. 




The curriculum implemented in Individual Instruction classes aligns with goals on Individual Educational Plans (IEP's).  We will learn through the completion of the following units which focus on achieving IEP goals and improving reading and writing skills:

·       The Writing Process through the five paragraph essay (Descriptive, Narrative, Comparison-Contrast, Persuasive, Analysis, Problem-Solving)

·       Communications (Business Letter, Friendly Letter, Job Applications, Resume)

·       Creative writing (Short Stories, narratives and Poems)

·       Capitalization and punctuation (Daily Oral Language)

·       Grammar (Daily Oral Language)

·       Spelling

·       Exploring literature (A Novel Study, short stories and poetry)




You will always be encouraged to do your best and turn work in on time.  If you are not satisfied with your original score, you may correct the assignment and resubmit the assignment for additional points.  Occasionally, there is also an opportunity for extra credit.  These opportunities allow you to increase your class grade and success. 


A       100% - 90%

B       89% - 80%

C       79% - 70%

D       69% - 60%

D-     59%-55%

Below 60% - please see me so we can make arrangements to help increase your success in the future.




Because the best place to learn is a comfortable, safe environment, the following behaviors are expected daily:


  • Be at school
  • Be respectful to everyone in class
  • Be prepared for class with a writing implement and paper
  • Be responsible for your grade, learning and actions

Choosing not to follow these expectations will necessitate

change in behavior through an intervention.


I am looking forward to working with you and your parents while you have a successful year at Skyline.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me at

472-9502 or  In the event your parents find it necessary to see me in person, please call ahead and check in at the front office upon your arrival. 





Mrs. Giambri

Room 270


Please detach and sign below.  Return is acknowledgement that you and your parents have read the course guidelines for English.  Thank you for your commitment to a quality education!



I have received a copy and read the course guidelines for Mrs. Giambri's English class at Skyline High School.





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