Preschool Developmental Screening

Are You Concerned About Your Preschooler’s Development?

MPS provides free Developmental Screening as part of Child FindScreenings are available to children who reside in MPS boundaries between the ages of 2 years 9 months to 5 years old (who are not yet kindergarten age). 

Learning Knows No Bounds Picture of Diverse Students Holding Hands

The process is initiated through the District Child Find Office and starts with a screening which may include hearing and vision screening, developmental screening, and/or a review of records. Based upon results of screening and/or review of records your child may be scheduled for a comprehensive developmental evaluation. If your child is younger than 2 years, 9 months, contact the Arizona Early Intervention Program (AZEIP).


If your child already has an IEP from another school district, please complete the same enrollment process for the developmental screening. The Child Find team also reviews records and completes the transfer process for all incoming preschool students. 


The Child Find Office will be closed for summer break until July 12, 2021. Enrollment and submission of documents may be completed electronically during this time. You will receive a response when our office opens in mid-July. If you require more immediate assistance please contact the secretary to the Coordinator of Psychological Services, Yessika Shafler at 480-472-0656.

If you do not have a device that allows you to complete this process as described, or if you have any questions, please call 480-472-0706 for assistance or come into our office after we re-open on July 12, 2021.



Step 1: Verify Residency


  1. Go to the district's School Locator.
  2. Enter residential address.
  3. If you live within district boundaries, MPS school names will populate on the left.
  4. If your address is outside of MPS boundaries, contact your home district for screening.



Step 3: Complete Screening Forms

Click on the button below to download forms in English or Spanish. You will need to save them on a device before completing them. The saved forms will open as fillable pdfs in Adobe Reader which may be completed in electronic form.  Alternatively, the forms may printed to be completed. Make sure you save a copy for your records in case the forms don't come through. The screening forms are separate from those completed online for MPS enrollment.

English Screening Forms

Spanish Screening Forms

Step 4: Submit Documents

Submit the completed Screening Forms to  along with any reports from previous evaluations such as:


  • Speech/Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Developmental/Psychological
  • Hearing/Audiology/Vision

Step 2: Online Enrollment [If student is already enrolled in a MPS preschool, this step is not needed.]

Enrollment to Mesa Public Schools is required for screening.

  1. Gather your child’s birth certificate or other identification, and immunization record, as well as proof of residency as you will be asked to submit these electronically to enroll in MPS.
  2. Click “Enroll” and scroll to bottom of webpage where it states: Please select from the following choices to enroll your child.
  3. Choose the appropriate option from New Parent, Existing Parent or Returning Parent.
  4. If you are an Existing or Returning parent, log in with your User Name and Password to complete online registration process. If you are a New Parent or do not remember your password, select Activate New Account/Options/Password Help.
  5. Complete the online enrollment process for your child and indicate you would like a developmental screening when prompted. [Note: If your child has an IEP from another school district, please select the developmental screening option so the enrollment is routed to us. You will not need to complete a new screening if your child has current eligibility.]