What are Mesa Teachers saying?

  • "This program is top-notch, and it's even better than the program in place two years ago."

  • "Thanks for including our school this year! We love all the new changes! Great teachers, great activities, great field trip!"

  • "I loved all of the new activities. The kids were highly engaged and had a great time learning."

  • "This program is a great way for our students to receive hands-on experiences with curriculum that we have taught."

  • "The best part was watching my students work cooperatively as problem solvers."

100% of teachers said that this field trip aligned to the standards, was engaging, and a is a trip they would recommend again!

What are Mesa Students saying?

  • "I would like to come again because I learned a lot of new stuff, and was able to try new things, and solved clues, and I had so much fun."

  • "My favorite part were the clues of course! I loved helping my friend crack the codes and find the numbers to the locks."

  • "This filed trip was awesome and the activities were so much fun! Thank you for leting our class come."

100% of students would recommend this field trip and 92% of students said that this program will help them do better in school!