Frequently Asked Questions


How many classes will attend each day?
Only ONE 5th grade class from your school will attend the ACE site each day. You and your teammates can decide which of your scheduled dates work best for each of you.

Is there anything we need to do ahead of time to prepare our students?
Nope! This field trip is designed to allow students to explore Aerospace  concepts through hands on STEAM based activities.   

Do students need permission slips?   YES. 

Do we need to bring a lunch?  
YES!  You and your students will each need to bring a sack lunch with a drink. You will be eating at tables outside the classroom unless prohibited by the weather in which case you will eat inside the introduction room at the tables.  Lunch is not until around 12:15pm, so please encourage your students to eat a good breakfast that day and allow them to have a snack right before boarding the bus (if your schedule allows).

Are restrooms at the ACE site conveniently located?
Student restrooms are located down the walkway of the Salk campus and are shared with the Salk students. In order to minimize the number of students in and out of the portable, please use the restroom BEFORE boarding the bus.

Should we bring parent volunteers?
Volunteers are NOT needed for this field trip.  This is a student-led experience located in a portable on the Salk campus and there is only enough space for you, your students, and the ACE staff to comfortably move around.

What time will the bus leave my school?
Please board the bus promptly at 9:15 am. In order to assure that a member of the ACE staff will be outside to greet you, do not depart your school prior to 9:15 am.

What time will the bus leave the ACE site?
You will board the bus to head back to your campus at 1:00pm.

What do we do if our bus has been delayed?
If your bus is delayed please notify your ACE specialist immediately!

Cell phone number for Cathy Underwood/Salk phone is listed on your ACE document.

Where is our drop-off location?

SALK ELEMENTARY/7029 E Brown Rd, Mesa, AZ 85207.

Drop off on west side of school in the Bus Zone between Salk and Mesa Academy.