Open Educational Resources in Mesa Public Schools
This space has been created to share the current versions of OER books developed by Mesa teachers for their courses.

Description of OER and its history in Mesa

The idea behind Open Educational Resources (OER) is that information should be free and available to all.  

In January 2013, a delegation from Mesa was sent to Utah to participate in a workshop with David Wiley from BYU.  The workshop, which was sponsored by the Utah State Office of Education, was geared toward producing PDF versions of textbooks customized to the Utah Core Standards for Science.  Beginning in the summer of 2013, a group of MPS teachers were invited to participate in developing resources aligned to the Mesa curriculum maps.  These OER products were piloted with interested teachers during the 2013-14 school year.  OER development is an iterative process, and as such it is anticipated that these resources will change over time.  Check back occasionally to see how the project is progressing.

August 2013 - Initial editions of Biology: Fall and Earth & Space Science released and available for download.  These texts are available for open use, although at this point should be considered "supplementary materials".  Please consider giving feedback on the texts using the form button below. Comments or concerns from outside the Mesa Public Schools community should be directed to Bruce Jones, Secondary Science Specialist.

SC09 Essential Elements of Science 1st Semester Text

Click here to download the SC09 OER Text.  This version is still in development and as such may not reflect the order in which topics will be treated.

Fall Biology Direct Download

Spring Biology Direct Download

Earth Science Direct Download

Biology Semester 1
Cover Photo toad
Biology Semester 2
Cover image of stem cells
Earth Science
Earth Cover