SIM - Space Integration Module, pushing learning to the outer limits

Greetings Sixth-Grade Teachers,

While I know things are a little different this year, the SIM team has created an engaging experience as an alternative to an in-person trip this fall. Below you will find important information regarding your upcoming virtual field trip... 
SIM: Mission to Mars

  • This course will be accessed via a link (sent the day before your missions begin) that you will share with students on your mission day. 
  • It has been designed for students to be able to work independently to accommodate both your remote learners, as well as those students working in person. 
  • This is a digital experience, so students will need their device, and to be logged in with their MPS email address to see all of the content. 
  • There are 4 modules, each containing 4-6 pages with 2-4 videos/activities per page (headphones are recommended).
  • The link to the course will remain active beyond your assigned week if students require more time, or would like to go back and explore more.
Please share a copy of your current student roster with Karri West,, prior to starting the course. This will allow the SIM team to provide student data to you when the course is completed. Some modules may take longer than others, it is our hope that students will engage, explore and enjoy. A certificate is linked at the end of the course for students who complete the final challenge, and directions are provided for students to share that with you at the end of the course. Keep an eye out for an email coming your way with more details regarding your mission.

Each school year Mesa Public Schools’ sixth graders participate in an extraordinary adventure in learning! Students eagerly arrive at the Space Integration Module (SIM) ready for a student-led mission to explore galaxy.

SIM provides an environment where students are problem solvers, innovators, makers, inventors and engineers applying knowledge in a relevant situation. With an emphasis on 21st century skills and aligned to sixth grade standards, students are immersed in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you to Boeing for their ongoing support

students interact with components of the SIM mission

SIM Instructor

Karri West

Fremont Jr. High